radar water ski ronix wakeboards nfc tags

Radar Skis Builds Direct-to-Customer Communication With Embedded NFC Tags

Ecommerce allows firms to sell direct, controlling the entire customer experience and collecting valuable information about who is buying their products. Selling through a retail channel rather than direct makes the customer experience unpredictable and makes durable, intensive customer relationships difficult to build. This is a particular concern for products that are typically sold through retail distribution yet require nuanced customer engagement.

salvation army kettle pay nfc

Salvation Army Introduces Kettle Pay for Mobile NFC Donations

Consumers are quickly becoming less and less reliant on carrying physical cash. With debit cards, credit cards, and now even more secure mobile payment solutions approaching universal acceptance, consumers can shop, run errands and navigate day-to-day life without cash. For many, this shift has simplified life, but for organizations like The Salvation Army that are heavily reliant on spontaneous in-person donations, our increasingly cashless society has proved problematic. To adapt to this cashless world in the 2019 holiday season, The Salvation Army worked with both ClearScale and GoToTags to develop a seamless, intuitive mobile payment solution.

knox labs nfc inlays android vr carboard

Knox Labs Uses NFC Inlays to Power Android VR