Connected Things and GoToTags

GoToTags connects physical things to digital experiences. We call this connected things. Connected things brings the power of digital analytics and optimization tools to physical things to increase ROI, find inefficiencies and identify new opportunities. It’s Google Analytics for the physical world.

GoToTags started in 2011 with this notion that phones were getting smarter. As this was starting to sense the world around it, one of the things we found is that phones are gonna become the magic wand, this is gonna be the way that you interact with objects in the physical world. This is going to be a natural human interaction. Connected things is a part of the internet of things, which is focused on taking objects in the physical world, tagging them and allowing users to interact with those physical objects; to go from the physical object to the digital experience of that object.

Connected Things allows businesses to form a direct relationship with users regardless of distribution channel, to increase awareness, engagement and service. Companies can protect trust, ensure quality, and verify authenticity from manufacturing, through usage, by using Connected Things.

Wine is an interesting use of Connected Things. Most wine is purchased by the label. You’re like “Oh, that label’s interesting, that label’s interesting…” and how do you really know about it. The wineries have that information, when was that wine made? What kind of varietals were used in that wine? But you’re in the store. you’ve got a bunch of wines in front of you, so how do you really go from that content? Sure, you could do the more complicated approach of opening it up on your phone, but it’s a more natural and intuitive human interaction if that bottle of wine or the label on that bottle of wine is tagged. And just reach out your phone Now you’ve traversed from the object in the physical world, that bottle of wine, to the interesting digital content, so you can see all the things that you’re used to seeing when you’re shopping online. You’re getting the best of both worlds here.

GoToTags has to be the expert in both, it’s not enough to just be an expert in the digital side and it’s not enough to just be an expert in the physical side. The whole point of this is bringing them together.

GoToTags provides complete solution of Connected Things products to allow companies to connect physical things to digital engagement points. We provide tags, hardware, mobile and desktop apps and cloud software. Everything needed really to connect things. We work with a full suite of Connected Things technologies including NFC, bar codes, UHF RFID, and more. We have a range of software for Connected Things, including a cloud platform to manage and analyze tags, commercial NFC tag encoding systems and mobile and desktop apps.

The long-term, true value of Connected Things is this data that’s coming back. Every time that we’ve gotten access to more data and more knowledge it has changed how we act in this world and what we do and how things work. And Connected Things is a big part of that. Tagging these things we can get data, we can learn knowledge from it. We can start asking questions that we never even knew were questions we needed to ask. From those answers you’re gonna make decisions about your products, your business, your marketing, your consumers, your whole business about how to improve it. And we’re able to help those companies along the way to do that right.

We work with a wide range of companies, including marketing agencies, product manufacturers, print packaging companies and software providers. GoToTags is the only company that can provide solutions for both the physical and digital side of Connected Things.

As of today, we have 14 million interactions on our software, people interacting with tags all around the world. Now we have a quarter million users on our software platform using these things, and we’ve shipped tens of thousands of orders and millions and millions of tags.

So what people might not realize is this is happening now. It’s all around you. This is gonna fundamentally change how not only we use our devices, but how we work with the physical world. It’s a revolution.