Desktop App: NFC Tags and Devices

The Desktop App works with a defined set of supported NFC devices and NFC tags.

Not all NFC devices and NFC chip types are supported. If you would like to have a specific NFC device or NFC chip type supported, please submit a software feature request.

Supported NFC Devices

The following NFC devices are specifically supported.

NFC DeviceNFC Tag Types
ACS ACR122TType 2
ACS ACR122UType 2
ACS ACR1222LType 2
ACS ACR1252Type 2
Identiv Multi-ISOType 2, Type 5

Unsupported PC/SC NFC Devices

The Desktop App has limited support for unrecognized PC/SC based NFC devices. Technically all PC/SC based devices should work the same per the standards, but in reality there are differences in the hardware and drivers. The Desktop App can try to use these unsupported devices, but with limited functionality and no guarantee of accuracy or performance. If all all possible use an officially supported NFC device and ensure the latest drivers are installed.

Last updated on July 26, 2021. We are continually improving this content; contact us with any suggested changes.