ACS ACR122U Desktop NFC Reader

The ACR122U is a USB based desktop NFC reader manufactured by ACS used to read and write NFC tags. It supports NFC Forum Tag Types 1 – 4 and Mifare Classic, but not Type 5.

The ACS ACR122T is the same as the ACR122U except in a smaller, thumbstick-sized form factor.

acs acr122u nfc device


Limited specifications for the ACR122U; a more complete list are on the GoToTags Store product page and within the documentation

ConnectionUSB 2.0 (Type A)
Tag TypesType 1 – 4
Operating SystemsAndroid, Linux, macOS, Windows


The ACR122U has been cloned by several Chinese companies and sold for low-prices on Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and other online stores. Besides the IP and copyright infringement issues, there are quality control problems with these readers; these devices should be avoided.