iOS Core NFC Framework

Core NFC is Apple’s software development kit (SDK) for 3rd party apps to access NFC functionality on iOS based devices (iPhone) including reading and writing NFC tags. Core NFC gives software developers low level access to the NFC controller to perform direct operations on NFC chips via ISO 7816 and ISO 15693 as well as high-level NDEF based operations. All NFC Forum tag types are supported (Type 1 – Type 5).



There are several limitations with using Core NFC:

  • Apple does not allow payment related applications to use NFC functionality as this would be a direct competitor to Apple Pay; their NFC based mobile payment system
  • Only supports iOS 13+; it is not available on older devices and versions
  • Only available on iOS based devices including iPhone and Mac Catalyst 13.0+; it is not available for the Apple Watch and other devices or via app extensions