Amazon Store

GoToTags sells NFC tags at the GoToTags Amazon store. They will need to be encoded for full functionality.

NFC Tags on Amazon

GoToTags sells small quantities of products, including NFC tags and hardware, on its Amazon store. Customers looking for services such as custom printing or NFC tag encoding should purchase these services from the GoToTags Store.

The NFC tags sold by GoToTags on have not been encoded, but come read/write ready. NFC tags must be encoded before they provide any functionality. NFC-enabled devices will not respond to unencoded NFC tags because there is no data to read.

If you wish to encode your own tags, please visit our Encoding learn pages.(TODO)

For larger encoding jobs, GoToTags can partner with you in several ways to ensure a successful encoding project. Contact GoToTags for advice.


Amazon Returns

If a customer desires a return, they should review the GoToTags Amazon Return Policy(TODO) and then visit the Amazon Returns Center.

Working with GoToTags

The GoToTags store on Amazon is a great way for new users to purchase a limited number of NFC tags for testing and evaluation. If you’re moving past that proof-of-concept phase, we encourage you to shop the GoToTags store directly. Whether you need ten tags or ten million, GoToTags can scale to meet your needs.

In addition to an array of NFC cards, stickers, and tokens, GoToTags can also provide NFC hardware and software. GoToTags also offers custom printing services to add branding opportunities to the functional benefits of NFC technology.

GoToTags can also partner with you to ensure success on larger encoding jobs. Contact GoToTags for advice.