Store Encoding

Tags purchased from GoToTags must be encoded. You can do it yourself or GoToTags can encode them for you.

NFC Tag Encoding

The NFC tags sold by GoToTags have not been encoded; they are sold read/write ready. NFC tags must be encoded before they provide any functionality. NFC-enabled devices will not respond to unencoded NFC tags because there is no data to read.

Customer Tag Encoding

If you wish to encode your own tags, GoToTags can show you how.(TODO)

You can also use the NXP Tools App.(TODO)

Non-NDEF NFC Encoding Formats

Because GoToTags only supports NDEF-based formats, you will need to encode your own tags if you intend to use a non-NDEF encoding format. You should only use a non-NDEF format if you have a pre-existing system and desire legacy support for that specific system. The following applications typically do not use NDEF-based NFC tag encoding and cannot be encoded by the GoToTags Store:

  • Raw binary; sometimes referred to as page-level encoding
  • Payment (credit card, banking…)
  • Transportation
  • Secure entrance (HID Global cards and key chains)
  • Some ticketing systems
  • Other proprietary formats

GoToTags NFC Tag NDEF Encoding Service

GoToTags can also encode NFC tags for you. The NFC Tag NDEF Encoding Service is a separate product that is available for sale on the GoToTags Store. You must add it to your cart at the same time you add your tags. You must also add the Encoding Service in a quantity equal to the number of tags you intend to encode.

Visit the GoToTags Store Encoding Service for a step-by-step tutorial to using the service.