Store Purchase Orders

GoToTags does accept purchase orders from qualified customers and will extend payment terms to qualified accounts.

Ordering with a Purchase Order

A purchase order may be submitted to GoToTags when placing an order at the GoToTags Store. Please follow these steps:

  1. Choose Purchase Order from the Payment Method menu in step 2 of the online order checkout process
  2. The customer will be contacted for a copy of the purchase order document
  3. If payment terms have not been established, upfront payment will be collected in one of the following ways:
    • Saved credit card
    • PDF invoice including a link to pay online via credit card
    • PDF invoice including bank details to pay via bank transfer
    • PDF invoice to pay by PayPal
    • PDF invoice with remittance address to pay by check

The order will begin processing once payment has been completed.

Please note: A purchase order is not automatically accepted upon submission. GoToTags will review the PO and will notify the customer if any changes are required before acceptance. The purchase order may not contain any purchaser-defined sales terms that are in conflict with the GoToTags General Sales Terms & Conditions.


Yes, GoToTags does offer Corporate Accounts to qualified customers.

Yes, GoToTags does offer Payment Terms for qualified customers.