Store Products

General information about GoToTags products.

Bad Tags

Some amount of bad NFC tags should be expected and planned for accordingly. The GoToTags Store adheres to the industry standard of 2% expected bad NFC tags. In practice, the percentage of bad NFC tags from the Store is much lower, but from a warranty and returns perspective the 2% rule applies. GoToTags is not responsible for replacing defective NFC tags that are within the 2% ratio of the order total.

If defective NFC tags are discovered during the production or encoding process prior to shipment, GoToTags may remove the defective tags and ship the order less the bad tags. If the amount of the shortage exceeds 2%, GoToTags will offer a refund for the difference and/or deliver the shortage at a later date.

If a minimum quantity of functional NFC tags is required, GoToTags advises increasing the purchased quantity by 2% to account for the potential 2% of bad NFC tags.

Note that NFC tags can become damaged/defective after they have been delivered. Reasons that an NFC tag may become defective include the environment they are placed in, secondary processes the NFC tags undergo such as welding, bending or forceful pressing. If NFC tags purchased from the GoToTags Store become damaged/ defective after they are delivered, they are not under warranty or the 2% bad tag rule. If a customer intends to insert an NFC tag inside of something else or put the NFC tag through a secondary process, please read the product specifications carefully and/or contact GoToTags for advice on the NFC tag best suited to the project.

Free Samples

The GoToTags Store does not provide free samples of products. However, GoToTags does allow you to buy most inventory products at a low minimum order quantity. This gives you an opportunity to purchase a small amount of product for testing.

There is also a set of circumstance where we will sometimes provide samples:

  • If the customer is paying a new mold fee, samples are included
  • If similar samples are on hand from a previous customer’s order, they may be free
  • If samples are requested that are not on hand, they can be produced for a cost

If samples are to be provided, the customer must cover the cost of shipping. Samples will be placed as an order on the GoToTags Store for tracking purposes.

Please note, GoToTags always recommends testing with a sample quantity of tags before a bulk order in the application environment.


Product specifications do change over time. Any attribute of a product from the GoToTags Store not explicitly defined on the website or within sales quotations is subject to change without notice. All specs, even published ones, should be checked by the customer to ensure that specifications have not changed since a previous purchase. These specifications should be compared to the physical product ordered upon receipt.

The follow specifications are regularly subject to change:

  • Material chemical composition including paper, ink, adhesives, ferrite and other components
  • NFC antenna shape, size, position and material
  • Minor variances in shape, size, color
  • Printing process