The UHF RFID Chip TID is a manufacturer supplied, read-only tag identifier potentially used to uniquely identify an UHF RFID tag in a project’s software systems. The TID can be formatted as a Short TID or an Extended TID (XTID). Most common UHF RFID chips that conform to the GS1 EPC Gen 2 Tag Data Standard come preset with an XTID that contains a unique serial number to also uniquely identify the UHF RFID chip.

Example UHF RFID Tag Short TID: E2806995

Example UHF RFID Tag Extended TID: E28069952000500101D589CC


A Short TID resides in the TID memory bank and is comprised of the following:

Totaling in 4 bytes of UHF RFID tag memory.

This is the minimum requirement for any TID memory bank per the GS1 EPC Tag Data Standard.

UHF RFID Chip Extended TID


UHF RFID Chip Manufacturer Code

Every manufacturer of UHF RFID chips is assigned a manufacturer code per the GS1 EPC Gen 2 Tag Data Standard; this code is included in the UHF RFID chip TID to allow software systems to determine the manufacturer of the UFH RFID chip and help in the process of UHF RFID chip type identification. The location of the manufacturer code in the TID is always 9 bits, spread across the second and third byte of the TID memory bank.

UHF RFID Chip Tag Model Code (Chip Type)


UHF RFID Chip TID Formatting