Windows Certificate Propagation Service

The Windows Certificate Propagation Service is a component of the Windows operating system that enables users to log in to their computer with Smart Cards. Very few companies and almost no individuals use this feature of Windows. When the service is running, it disrupts the communication to the NFC reader, making the GoToTags NFC software unusable. On Windows 10 if the service is running and an NFC tag is placed on the NFC reader, you will hear a Windows beep; this is Windows trying to install a smart card device.

GoToTags Windows Software

The GoToTags Desktop App and Encoder will attempt to stop this service on startup and when an NFC device is added to the system. Sometimes it is unable to stop the service, due to system configuration. It is best to disable this service manually and permanently.

Stop the Certificate Propagation Service

There are two ways to disable the service:

  • Manually stop and disable the service in the Services control panel (video and screenshot below)
  • Use Group Policy to prevent the service from starting again (steps below)

Computer admin privileges are required to perform these steps.
If you are not an admin, please forward this page to your system administrator.